30 April 2012

lace and pink

skirt & blouse: f21. jacket: abercrombie and fitch. shoes: j. crew. purse: rebecca minkoff (great selections here). accessories: bulova watch, tiffany, world market. 

photos by: bbecker
wedding photos by scott photography
happy monday! it's a wonderful monday as my husband and i celebrate our anniversary today!!! it's amazing to be married to my soul mate, love of my life, best friend...in essence, my partner in crime! i am forever blessed to be married to him. i must take this time to thank him for his love and support and for taking my wonderful outfit post pictures! so, here are just a couple of my favorite snap shots from our special day. i loved my bouquet and my wedding dress was perfect, especially the details! 

as for my outfit, i last wore this pink top here. i enjoyed pairing it with this lace skirt for a party at my husband's work. it was very comfortable and easy to wear on a beautiful spring day! xo

26 April 2012

love: spring/summer shoes

start at 6 o'clock: alfani // jessica simpson //  madeline  // anne klein  // gap
a few of my go-to flats...

and ones i'd love to have...
pictures from brantano ladies shoes and brantano sketchers

don't you just love spring/summer shoes? bright, pastel, nautical colors in flats, platforms, pumps... the list goes on! i mean, what's not to love? what's the saying? maintain "comfort without compromising style" or is it "style without compromising comfort"? whatever it is, comfort + style = happy mom!

which ones of the four above do you like from brantano? check out their website, they have many more selections and they're having a "3 for 2" sale! xx

25 April 2012

what's in my bag?

bag: rebecca minkoff morning after bag. wallet: kate spade {similar}. cosmetic pouch: anthropologie {other fun selections}. sunnies: ray ban {fabulous selections}

here's a snap shot of what's in my bag. i first saw this inspiration post from lissa from through the looking glas. i'm enjoying my rebecca minkoff bag with the orange trim and classic shape. foodie love- gotta have snacks (clif bar and larabar) and chocolates for those times when you're on the go or just gotta have sweets! my cosmetic pouch holds all my necessities- lotion, mirror, blush, lip glosses, hand sanitizer, sunscreen powder, etc. and who is without their phone lately?

what's in your bag? xx

20 April 2012


simple and comfy while running errands. jessica simpson flats, ray ban sunnies, anthro jeans, and lv bag

one of my fave shoes of late: d'orsay leopard print j. crew pumps

zara dress, kate spade wallet, tory burch sandals, ray ban sunnies, and accessories   

on top of my daughter's dresser. headband collection, anthro mug, keltic style rosary, scottie lamp

happy friday!!! just a few pictures i've posted on instagram. find me @love_heidi.

tomorrow we're celebrating my daughter's christening! it's going to be a very special day for us! hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xx

19 April 2012

love: dresses

photos from goddiva and mine

what's hot this season? scarf and peplum that's what! and what could be better than having these designs in dresses? the little black dress is classic and never goes out of style so it's a must-have in a woman's closet. the pictures above are a few of my favorite dresses from goddiva, where you can find the latest dresses in fashion.

p.s. my scarf dress above, also seen here, is similar to the one from goddiva.


18 April 2012

sherbet delight

dress: zara. shoes: tory burch. clutch: unlabeled. accessories: gucci watch, banana republic, forever 21.

photos by: bbecker 

nothing says spring this season like pastels, scarf prints, (and neon). this zara dress is so easy to wear and just perfect for spring! zara's online free shipping has made shopping easier (and dangerous) for a mom like myself who can't always go to the mall. like my sister said, now i can try on clothes in the comfort of my own home! 

don't you just love when you find an article of clothing that you know you will have for a very long time? this dress is also versatile- i can dress it down or dress it up. the design and colors are just perfect! if you haven't noticed, mint seems to be my go-to color lately! what's not to like?


17 April 2012

old and new beginnings

1. wallet: kate spade- cobble hill lacey // 2. sandals: tory burch emmy flat. // 3. bracelets: banana republic, world market, forever 21. watch: bulova. // 4. dress: zara

in a previous post, i talked about spring cleaning (here) and i decided to take my own advice. so, i've cleaned out of my closet, donated a lot and sold a few things, and now, i wanna share with you a few of my current spring finds and things i'm giving a new life. you've seen them in a few posts, but i can't wait to pair them with other things in my closet!!!

xx heidi

16 April 2012

pink and easy

top: forever 21. necklace and pants: anthropologie. shoes: j. crew. wallet: kate spade. 
accessories: bulova watch, banana republic, world market. 

photos by: hrc

happy monday! i hope everyone had a great weekend! my mom and brother were in town, and it was nice to spend time, watch a home movie, and have sunday brunch with them at our favorite local cafe. on saturday, my husband and i even had a chance to get a facial (husband was surprised with the facial) and spend time together while my mom and brother watched the baby. grandparents are the best!!!

this is just an easy and simple outfit i wore this weekend with my favorite pink top. how was your weekend? i'd love to hear about it.

12 April 2012

love: #armcandy #armparty

first of all, don't you just love these terms - arm party and arm candy? they just make you feel like there is something fabulous waiting to happen and be seen! sometimes, if you're like me, we don't think of what to wear on our arms (or wrists, for that matter), but your arm deserves some attention when you're putting your outfit together. it can be very simple from wearing your favorite pearl bracelet to wearing a series of your favorites together. either way, it's a great way to dress up your arm and add a statement. 

i wanna share with you a few of my favorite arm candies and their sources. here are a few of my ultimate favorites right now... the pave bracelet by j. crew is just classic - brilliant bracelet design! bfrend's take on the friendship bracelet is just amazing with the swarovski crystals and elsa flower- genius! and what's my favorite from lauren élan collections? well, i can't decide between the capri cuff and briah. either way, she designs gorgeous jewelry that will make a statement!

the bottom picture is one of my takes on arm parties. i'm wearing a bulova watch, bracelets from h&m, and pearl bracelet gift from my husband. 

what's your favorite arm candies (because we can't just have one!) his season? thanks for visiting! xx

11 April 2012

mint and stripes

pants: pilcro from anthropologie. tank: f21. cover: h and m. shoes: j. crew. bag: louis vuitton. sunnies: ray ban. accessories: bulova watch, banana republic, f21. 
photos by: bbecker

i wore this while we were in san diego during the weekend. i'm enjoying the pastel colors this season, hence all the mint colors! and mixing prints with stripes. my latest favorite shoes- are these d 'orsay shoes with the leopard print.

what are your favorite colors this season? thanks for stopping by. xx

09 April 2012

minty easter

dress: j. crew collection. belt: j. crew. blazer: banana republic. shoes: tory burch. clutch: louis vuitton. accessories: banana republic, forever21, gucci watch. 
photos by: bbecker & myself

i hope everyone had a wonderful easter sunday and had your fair share of chocolates, cupcakes, and candies! we went to brunch at our favorite local bakery and cafe (petite madeline) and picked up a few goodies...though we didn't get a lot as my husband isn't a sweet tooth and i am! i visited petite madeline a lot while i was pregnant and happily enjoyed one of their delicious deserts and a cup of chai latte each time! 

the teal, mint, and blues are a few of my favorite color this season...hence, my minty-colored accessories, which you will most likely see in later posts! neon hasn't invaded my wardrobe just yet, but i've had this orange belt for a couple of years and thought it was a perfect pop to this dress. what are your favorite colors this season? 

ps. our scottie couldn't resist making a small cameo in the top picture! 

06 April 2012

05 April 2012

love: boots and booties

photos from brantano, j. crew, and mine

it's spring and you're probably asking: why in the world is she still talking about boots? one word- okinawa. in a few months, we'll be moving to okinawa, and if you're familiar with the small friendly island, they get their fair share of not just rain, but typhoons! not that you'll see me walking around outside in the middle of a typhoon, but this woman will need some rain boots! j. crew has a really cute one, appropriately named "weatherby" that comes in red, but i'll probably opt for their navy blue or black...though i may surprise myself and go with a red one! i just like the pop of red in the middle of the dark colors above.

my favorite boots of all time are my fryes "melissa button" boots- the ones i'm wearing in the picture. i wore them practically every day while we were in ireland a year ago- here, here, and here! my other go-to booties were black, which remind me of the black ones above. i wore them here and here. i'm not very tall so i like to wear black booties with black tights/leggings or dark jeans so my legs aren't as defined. ha! the brown boots above can look great with jeans or shorts! if you like the brown and black boots, you can buy them from brantano. they have a great selection and some are even on sale so check out their website!

what's your favorite boots or booties? thanks for visiting!

04 April 2012

03 April 2012

gold and stripes

top: forever 21. shorts: j. crew. sandals: tory burch. bag: louis vuitton (gift). 
bracelets: pearl (qatar, gift), world market. watch: bulova. necklace: silpada.

happy tuesday! as a new mom, i've been trying to put easy outfits together that work with my style, but are also functional for my "mommy duties". i've been wearing this lace striped top a lot recently (with tank top underneath), and i'm enjoying my new favorite tory burch sandal! i love that they feel like they're not even there! what's your favorite footwear or footwears (let's face it, it's easy to "love a lot" of shoes at one time!) for the spring/summer season?

thanks for visiting! hope to hear from you!

02 April 2012

spring cleaning

pictures of in style magazine march 2012 issue

happy monday! spring calls to mind clean fresh air and a chance for renewal. for the first time in a long time, i'm cleaning out my closet and i mean REALLY cleaning out my closet and making it anew. we will be moving out of the country in a few months and it feels like the right time to update my wardrobe and purge items that i no longer use. i mean really, what's that saying? we only use 10% of the clothing we have in our closet?

"in style" magazine has great article in their march 2012 issue (jennifer aniston is on the cover). they discuss 6 steps to having a closet filled with your loves and inspirations by getting rid of items that probably no longer or have never seen the light of day. ha! here are the steps: 1. purge and organize. 2. evaluate. 3. get inspired. 4. make your list. 5. shop. 6. create your outfits. 

the article has inspired me to build up my closet by starting with my basic/classic favorites: stripes, blues, whites, browns, nudes with a few of my favorite stand out colors. my accessories and shoes have also been slimmed down. as a new mom, i had to really look at my closet and ask: which items do i love? which are functional? and which items would i not be able to part with? 

are you doing any spring cleaning? what's your strategy? xo