08 April 2011

no line on the horizon

this was a simple and comfortable outfit i wore on a nice cool morning in dublin. we were leaving to pick up our rental car that morning, but we were out and about early to get some last minute shopping done. on our walk, we passed by the garden of remembrance, which has a huge water art shaped into a cross, and the tulips were beautifully in bloom. 

i actually found a "thrift" store in dublin and found this topshop polka dot top/vest. the store is called 9 crows or 9 crow street, cleverly named after its street address. the vintage store allows you to sell your own chic/stylish clothes and enjoy some shopping at the same time! the i put it over a sheer top i bought from j crew eons ago! the black booties (no boots today) are from nordstrom rack. i love to buy clothes at a bargain! the scarf is from the boutique i love going to in orange county. the owner of the boutique is very down-to-earth, and it's always exciting to see what new things she has in her store. 

enjoy your day! xx

vest/top: thrifted topshop
long sleeve: j crew
scarf: orange county boutique
belt: nordstrom
bag: cole haan
shoes: nordstrom rack


  1. i'm tweeting your posts girl :-) love the pop of color with the red belt and adore the scarf

  2. thanks for tweet! :) gotta get into that...

  3. Thanks for commenting! I've been meaning to get my hands on one of those infinity scarves...perhaps a trip to the thrift shop is in order! :)