29 June 2012

meet yi-chia

Color Blocking Fun

Hi everyone!  I’m Yi-chia and I blog over at Always Maylee.  I’m taking over Heidi’s fabulous blog while she makes her move to Japan.  Can’t wait to see those pictures Heidi!

Today I’m talking about colors.  By now, everyone knows this summer it’s all about color.  Even before this trend emerged, I loved colors and I love to color block.  All the colors together in one outfit just totally brightens up my day.  Here are some of my tips for summer time color blocking fun!

Pick a main color to use in the outfit.  The pink in my shirt and my shoes anchor this look.

Don’t forget about your shoes!  They can participate in the color blocking fun too.

Don’t want your color blocking outfit to be too loud?  Add a neutral cardi or neutral 
shoes to help tone it down.

28 June 2012


hatta mountains. dubai, uae. viewed from hot air balloon.

maui. view of the west side of haleakala mountains. 
maui. view from haleakala mountains. 
maui. view from haleakala mountains. 

maui. view from haleakala mountains.

"if you want to be reminded of the love of the lord, just watch the sunrise" jeannette walls

there's something heavenly about sunrises as they stir a new beginning.
i'm definitely not a morning person, but waking up at 3am to catch these sunrises were worth it!

we have gotten over our jet lag and slowly getting settled in. we had hoped to move into our new home before the 4th, but it probably won't happen. however, we saw our future home yesterday, and i'm excited to start decorating our house and make it our home for the next few years....more importantly, to be living in the location we wanted- within walking distance to all the restaurants, stores, and the beach! happy thursday, everyone! 

27 June 2012

meet annie

Hey guys! I'm Annie and I blog over at The Other Side of Gray. I am SUPER excited to be guest posting for Heidi today!   
Since I am wearing this lovely Madewell dress, I thought I would talk a little bit about my love for polka dots. They are awesome, aren't they? This dress was one of those items I stalked in the Madewell Spring look book for months. It was totally inappropriate for me to be lusting after it in January, but nonetheless I would check online everyday to see if it was available, nervously biting my nails... and then slap my hand on the table in anger when it wasn't! Until one day. One day, I clicked the new arrivals section...and there it was. This sweet beauty...mine for the taking/ordering. Boy were my hands happy that day - no more nail biting or red palms. Some (my mom) have said I have a problem, but can you really blame me? Polka dots are so awesome - they deserve to be stalked :)

20 June 2012

DIY Bracelets - Guest Post

Hi Everyone!  

This is Yolanda from Hope, Wish, Dream and Love and Fanciful Wishes.  While Heidi is transitioning to her new home, I wanted to share some DIY Bracelets I've been obsessed with the past few weeks.

To clarify, I am a newbie (I've only been at this for about 3 weeks) at jewelry making so it's taken a lot of patience and practice but it's been so much fun.  I look up tutorials on Pinterest and Google and learn for free. The girls at the bead shop I frequent are always a big help with my questions also.  Right now my biggest seller is the sideways cross macrame bracelet.

Why did I get into it?  I'm almost 8 months pregnant and bored at home.  So thought I'd make my own bracelets since Pinterest got me obsessed with them.  I didn't think people would be interested in my bracelets, but they are and I'm absolutely grateful.  

My recent project is making the Chan Luu inspired wrap bracelets.  So far it's coming along but practice makes perfect!  I'm also always looking for ways to make a sliding knot for a clasp, or learning a new technique for making bracelets.

Want to make your own fabulous arm candy?  Check out the tutorial links I posted below!

Here are some of the tutorials I used for these bracelets:
Micro Macrame Bracelet (they have the best diy's!) - http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-macrame-bracelet/


Thanks for reading!

15 June 2012

studs and crochet

 top: zara. shorts: f21. belt: j. crew. shoes:  (burrowed from my mom). bag: louis vuitton. 
jewelry: bulova watch, carollee, f21, diy cross bracelet by hope, wish, dream, and love.   

happy friday everyone! i love the gold stud detail on the collar of this simple black top and these crochet shorts was a great find at f21!

since we will be trying to get our bearings in japan the next couple of weeks, i'm happy to say that i will have a couple of guest bloggers (yolanda from hope, wish, dream, and love and annie from the other side of gray) on my blog! i'm super excited for all of you to meet them and read what they have to say and/or share their styles! stay tuned...

enjoy your weekend!

14 June 2012

fair winds and following seas

aswan, egypt: we took a felucca ride on one of our cruise stops along the river nile

san diego, ca skyline: leaving for a mexican riviera cruise

venice, italy: boat exhibition 

lifestyles of the uber rich and famous...yacht event @monte carlo, monaco. 
no, we weren't part of the event! :)

venice, italy: one of my favorite pictures that i've taken. though not very sharp, i'm amazed that the picture came out pretty well. 

there's a wonderful saying in the navy for people who are moving or moving on from the navy: "fair winds and following seas". this nautical saying is a blessing of good luck. 

i can't believe that at this time, next week, we'll be in japan! 

11 June 2012


dress (worn as top, also worn here): zara. skirt: f21 (also worn here). shoes: kenneth cole 
(borrowed from mom). bag: louis vuitton. jewelry: bulova watch, anthropologie, carolee, target, banana republic. 

happy monday, everyone! most of my wardrobe/shoes have been packed and on their way to japan. 
i'm definitely still enjoying my mom's shoe collection. :)

08 June 2012

lemon drop

 shorts and blouse: f21. shoes: aldo (borrowed from mom). wallet: kate spade. jewelry: anthropologie, f21. 

tgif! enjoy your weekend everyone! xoxo

07 June 2012

when one door closes, another door opens

 “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller
ponte winery. my favorite winery in temecula, ca

along dingle peninsula, ireland

venice, italy

mykonos, greece


dublin, ireland

hotel del coronado. san diego, ├ža

finally...internet access! :) we've moved out of our first home. it's bittersweet, but we are ready for the adventures ahead!

happy thursday, everyone!