14 June 2012

fair winds and following seas

aswan, egypt: we took a felucca ride on one of our cruise stops along the river nile

san diego, ca skyline: leaving for a mexican riviera cruise

venice, italy: boat exhibition 

lifestyles of the uber rich and famous...yacht event @monte carlo, monaco. 
no, we weren't part of the event! :)

venice, italy: one of my favorite pictures that i've taken. though not very sharp, i'm amazed that the picture came out pretty well. 

there's a wonderful saying in the navy for people who are moving or moving on from the navy: "fair winds and following seas". this nautical saying is a blessing of good luck. 

i can't believe that at this time, next week, we'll be in japan! 


  1. I LOVE seeing all your travel photos - those are some gorgeous places! Have a great weekend Heidi :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. super cute!!!!!!!my congrats

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