24 April 2011

easter succulent couch

dress: j crew
blazer: banana republic
shoes: cole haan
watch (gift from mom): boluva
pearl necklace (gift from brent): from bahrain
i hope everyone had a wonderful easter today! although it was cloudy and drizzly, it was still a great day to celebrate. brent and i enjoyed lunch at san clemente with mom and brother. if you're familiar with san clemente, they have a fabulous street (del mar) lined with restaurants and shops! on the recommendation of one of brent's friends, we had lunch at nick's on del mar. i had the blackened chicken salad, which was delish! 

we saw this couch of succulents and thought that it would be the perfect spot for pictures. no sooner did we start taking pictures when the drizzle picked up. hence, the few selections of better pictures...have a great week everyone! xx

23 April 2011

mustard shoes

top: collective concepts
skirt: banana republic
shoes: seychelles
bracelet: silpada
necklace: thrifted

spent the day in point loma today and thought these arches would be perfect for some photos. i first saw these mustard shoes on the anthropologie site, but they didn't have my size. so, i looked them up on amazon, and they only had one more of my size. sometimes i'm skeptical when they actually write red bolded messages like that but i didn't take the chance. after i purchased them, i looked back to see if they still had my size, and they didn't so i was super relieved. they are so comfortable to walk on, and i love the mustard color! i hope everyone's enjoying their weekend! xx

18 April 2011

sweet dreams

dress: lush
belt: f21
shoes: thrifted
clutch: gift
sunglasses: target
necklace: silpada
other accesories: unknown

i wore this on sunday. sundays are interesting. it's part of the weekend, but it's also a day to get ready for the coming week. for us, today was a lazy sunday of napping and taking walks. what could be better?

16 April 2011

one love/people get ready

Dress: Banana Republic
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: Unknown
Shoes: Unknown
Vintage LV: Gift 
i love saturdays. it's a day when brent and i can actually spend a day together. the work-week can be so hectic for both of us that we relish the weekends! we enjoyed the day hiking- well i hiked/walked with our dog gwenie, while brent lapped us two times around the lake. ha! it's getting pretty hot early in the day here in san diego, making hikes/runs almost unbearable unless you start before 8am. still, i can't complain...we enjoyed the night with an amazon rented movie- 127 hours with james franco. it was such an intense movie, but i definitely recommend it to everyone who loves to see true stories on survival and the human spirit. 

13 April 2011

waltz of the flowers

blazer: $2 thrifted
white top: j crew
white lace vest: f21
shorts: f21
shoes: betsy johnson
clutch: gifted
belt: unknown
necklace: silpada

i was excited to finally wear this blazer which i only got for $2 at the local charity store, brother bennos. the necklace is silpada, and if you know their jewelry, they are very chic and high quality. i bought this piece from one of my very good friends, renata kriss, whose a silpada representative. check out silpada's other designs. i wanted to play with florals today so the title is a music by tchaikovsky, which i think is appropriate for this. what do you think? xx

12 April 2011

d.i.y. peonies dress

this weekend, i experimented with textures. not too daring (ha!), but something i'm not used to...i've had this vintage dress for many years now, and i can't seem to part with it. i bought it from a thrift store called "jet rag" when i lived in los angeles. i love the colors, the peonies, and silk texture. AND it's the first piece of clothing i have ever altered. the dress was alot larger and actually had pockets, but since i altered it to fit me and i didn't really know how to add/keep the pockets, i just sewed it. i bought the long sleeve lace from a-wear when we were in dublin. xx

dress: vintage thrifted
lace cover: a-wear
shoes: nordstrom rack
bag: gifted vintage louis vouiton
pearls: gifts from husband

11 April 2011

estas son las mananitas

this is dedicated to my hubby, whose birthday is today! we went out yesterday for lunch at his favorite restaurant- karl strauss. we took a stroll after lunch to have a look at the beautiful flower fields in carlsbad. spring is here and the flowers are in bloom! gorgeous day!

what i wore: still playing with the clothes i have and learning to put it together. the dress is paired with an h&m green belt that i thought added a different pop to my color palette. the green wedges, i have had forever, and thought it you go nicely with the belt and the whole outfit. i have had the jean blazer forever also and the clutch was hand-made by a local artist. xx

blazer: banana republic
dress: j crew
shoes: charles david
purse: local artist
belt: h&m
pearl necklace: gift from hubby
carlsbad flower fields

10 April 2011

's wonderful

my husband and i went to a local golf course for a walk with our dog, a scottish terrier. she lived up to her breed because all she wanted to do was run after all the birds, rabbits, squirrels... she's our baby right now until we have a human baby. ;) ha! it was so lovely out. the birds were happily chirping, the sun was out, it was breezy... we could not ask for a better weather in san diego. that's why the title of this entry's "'s wonderful" by joao gilberto from the "eat, pray, love" soundtrack.

we decided to take a few photos after our walk, and here they are! with chictopia, i've really been discovering how to put my color palette together. i have had the jacquard blue shorts and tee for a couple of years- both from j. crew. i love this necklace from anthropologie. the clogs by ugg, well they are a new buy from the military exchange, and they were on sale! i love that it's not too high that i can walk for long periods with them. however, i'd like to get my hands on a camel/brown colored one that's a bit higher. the yellow blazer is thrifted from a local charity store. i bought it when they were having a sale- everything i can fit inside a plastic grocery bag for $5!!! unfortunately, i had been in the store a few times before the sale so i had bought a few other items already, but still walked away with 3 items! and anyway, the money goes to a very good cause - brother bennos! did i also mention that i enjoy shopping at a discount?!?!

i have to thank my husband for taking my photos. he doesn't have a true interest in photography, but he's been a real good sport about taking my photos. and actually, he has a talent for it, don't you think? ;) xx

tee: j. crew
shorts: j crew
necklace: anthropologie
shoes: ugg
blazer: thrifted

08 April 2011

get on your boots

we visited muckross house, located inside killarney national park, which is the premier national park in ireland according to rick steves. part of the history of muckross house that relates it to the us is that it was bought by a wealthy american as a gift to his daughter when she married an irish man, who later became a u.s. senator. however, when she died unexpectedly, her husband and parents decided to gift it to the irish people in 1932. thus, the beautiful victorian home with its grand gardens (and of course killarney national park - free) now has its doors open to the public (for a fee) and is a must visit when in ireland!

what i wore...well, yes, the boots have showed up again. they were so comfortable on all those long walks! i had the top for a few months before actually wearing it. i love that it's comfortable to wear (and when i get pregnant, it can actually be a "maternity" top :) it's a simple top with the buttons that create a subtle style. the skirt is from forever 21. it was a nice sunny day, but it was a bit chilly so i'm wearing leggings. by this time, you're also familiar with my bag! ;) xx

blouse: anthropologie
skirt: f21
leggings: j crew

no line on the horizon

this was a simple and comfortable outfit i wore on a nice cool morning in dublin. we were leaving to pick up our rental car that morning, but we were out and about early to get some last minute shopping done. on our walk, we passed by the garden of remembrance, which has a huge water art shaped into a cross, and the tulips were beautifully in bloom. 

i actually found a "thrift" store in dublin and found this topshop polka dot top/vest. the store is called 9 crows or 9 crow street, cleverly named after its street address. the vintage store allows you to sell your own chic/stylish clothes and enjoy some shopping at the same time! the i put it over a sheer top i bought from j crew eons ago! the black booties (no boots today) are from nordstrom rack. i love to buy clothes at a bargain! the scarf is from the boutique i love going to in orange county. the owner of the boutique is very down-to-earth, and it's always exciting to see what new things she has in her store. 

enjoy your day! xx

vest/top: thrifted topshop
long sleeve: j crew
scarf: orange county boutique
belt: nordstrom
bag: cole haan
shoes: nordstrom rack