16 April 2011

one love/people get ready

Dress: Banana Republic
Belt: Forever 21
Necklace: Unknown
Shoes: Unknown
Vintage LV: Gift 
i love saturdays. it's a day when brent and i can actually spend a day together. the work-week can be so hectic for both of us that we relish the weekends! we enjoyed the day hiking- well i hiked/walked with our dog gwenie, while brent lapped us two times around the lake. ha! it's getting pretty hot early in the day here in san diego, making hikes/runs almost unbearable unless you start before 8am. still, i can't complain...we enjoyed the night with an amazon rented movie- 127 hours with james franco. it was such an intense movie, but i definitely recommend it to everyone who loves to see true stories on survival and the human spirit. 


  1. What a lovely outfit! You accessorized it beautifully! The golden light spilling across each picture makes me long for it to be warm enough that I can at the very least wear my coat without feeling cold! Spring is a very late bloomer this year in our neck of the woods...


  2. I love this outfit! That belt is a great accessory....and the clutch! I want one...