12 April 2011

d.i.y. peonies dress

this weekend, i experimented with textures. not too daring (ha!), but something i'm not used to...i've had this vintage dress for many years now, and i can't seem to part with it. i bought it from a thrift store called "jet rag" when i lived in los angeles. i love the colors, the peonies, and silk texture. AND it's the first piece of clothing i have ever altered. the dress was alot larger and actually had pockets, but since i altered it to fit me and i didn't really know how to add/keep the pockets, i just sewed it. i bought the long sleeve lace from a-wear when we were in dublin. xx

dress: vintage thrifted
lace cover: a-wear
shoes: nordstrom rack
bag: gifted vintage louis vouiton
pearls: gifts from husband

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