07 April 2011

dog days are over

i've been enjoying florence and the machine since i first heard their music on the show "so you think you can dance". this song has a nice beat and that just makes me want to run in happiness.

about the outfit: my favorite part about this outfit is the necklace. it's such a cool calming color. i bought it at a cute boutique in orange county with the top, which has a lacey back that i was a nice touch. this is still in ireland, along the dingle peninsula, and it was cold so i wore a cotton jacket with my sweater leggings and yes, the boots. As you can tell, like my bag, my boots were almost a universal part of my outfits! hope to hear from your own travels! xx ~heidi


  1. i love your blog woman! okay, i adore that necklace and the boots. you make me want to go shopping and traveling at the same time! :-) more, more, more!

  2. You have such a lovely blog and I love your style! Such fantastic photos of Ireland! Thanks for your comment, and I'll be sure to visit again soon!


    P.S. I love Florence + the Machine as well! I just bought three more of her songs and have been listening to them without pause... :)