08 April 2011

get on your boots

we visited muckross house, located inside killarney national park, which is the premier national park in ireland according to rick steves. part of the history of muckross house that relates it to the us is that it was bought by a wealthy american as a gift to his daughter when she married an irish man, who later became a u.s. senator. however, when she died unexpectedly, her husband and parents decided to gift it to the irish people in 1932. thus, the beautiful victorian home with its grand gardens (and of course killarney national park - free) now has its doors open to the public (for a fee) and is a must visit when in ireland!

what i wore...well, yes, the boots have showed up again. they were so comfortable on all those long walks! i had the top for a few months before actually wearing it. i love that it's comfortable to wear (and when i get pregnant, it can actually be a "maternity" top :) it's a simple top with the buttons that create a subtle style. the skirt is from forever 21. it was a nice sunny day, but it was a bit chilly so i'm wearing leggings. by this time, you're also familiar with my bag! ;) xx

blouse: anthropologie
skirt: f21
leggings: j crew

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