10 April 2011

's wonderful

my husband and i went to a local golf course for a walk with our dog, a scottish terrier. she lived up to her breed because all she wanted to do was run after all the birds, rabbits, squirrels... she's our baby right now until we have a human baby. ;) ha! it was so lovely out. the birds were happily chirping, the sun was out, it was breezy... we could not ask for a better weather in san diego. that's why the title of this entry's "'s wonderful" by joao gilberto from the "eat, pray, love" soundtrack.

we decided to take a few photos after our walk, and here they are! with chictopia, i've really been discovering how to put my color palette together. i have had the jacquard blue shorts and tee for a couple of years- both from j. crew. i love this necklace from anthropologie. the clogs by ugg, well they are a new buy from the military exchange, and they were on sale! i love that it's not too high that i can walk for long periods with them. however, i'd like to get my hands on a camel/brown colored one that's a bit higher. the yellow blazer is thrifted from a local charity store. i bought it when they were having a sale- everything i can fit inside a plastic grocery bag for $5!!! unfortunately, i had been in the store a few times before the sale so i had bought a few other items already, but still walked away with 3 items! and anyway, the money goes to a very good cause - brother bennos! did i also mention that i enjoy shopping at a discount?!?!

i have to thank my husband for taking my photos. he doesn't have a true interest in photography, but he's been a real good sport about taking my photos. and actually, he has a talent for it, don't you think? ;) xx

tee: j. crew
shorts: j crew
necklace: anthropologie
shoes: ugg
blazer: thrifted

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