04 July 2012

diy: patriotic clutch

happy fourth of july, everyone!

i bought this clutch (also discussed here) from a thrift store in san diego, and i was sure that i wanted to do something with it when i had more time. so, while we waited to move into our house (here in okinawa), i decided it was time for my clutch to have a face lift in honor of 4th of july!

1. my supplies: blue tape, red and white fabric paint, brushes, and navy blue clutch. there are paints specifically for leather/pleather, but michaels didn't have them so i took a risk with fabric paint and it worked out well!

2. i wanted to create stripes so i decided to use "natural stripes" already in the middle of the clutch. i used blue tape to separate the stripes. (pardon the newspaper working area. it doesn't look "pretty", but it was the best thing i could find as a work area.)

3. i painted the middle stripe red. i did 2 layers, waiting 20 minutes before applying the second layer.

4. i decided to let the paint dry overnight since i did the project while my daughter slept. at least 4 hours is all it needed.

5. i separated the next segment of stripes with blue tape, making sure that i covered the area that i already painted very well.

6. i painted the designated area with white paint. i did 3 layers to cover up the blue and waited about 10-20 minutes before each layer.

7. voila! my very own patriotic clutch in red, white and blue! i couldn't be happier with how it turned out and the colors were just right! next is the fun part of wearing it with an outfit! stay tuned... what do you think?

enjoy your fourth and be safe! xoxo

01 July 2012

light as a feather

tank: kirkland. cardi: f21. belt and shorts: jcrew. shoes:  (borrowed from my mom) 
bag: gucci (borrowed from my mom). jewels: bulova watch, tiffany's, anthropologie, fanciful wish

i finally have some time to post a few of my outfits from before we left the u.s. thank you to yolanda of hope, wish, dream, and love, annie of the other side of gray, and yi-chia of always maylee for guest posting! we're still in the process of getting settled into living in a new country. i can't wait for our family to be settled in our home and have a sense of routine....oh, the things we take for granted! i also can't wait to start taking outfit photos! :) 

happy sunday! xx