12 April 2012

love: #armcandy #armparty

first of all, don't you just love these terms - arm party and arm candy? they just make you feel like there is something fabulous waiting to happen and be seen! sometimes, if you're like me, we don't think of what to wear on our arms (or wrists, for that matter), but your arm deserves some attention when you're putting your outfit together. it can be very simple from wearing your favorite pearl bracelet to wearing a series of your favorites together. either way, it's a great way to dress up your arm and add a statement. 

i wanna share with you a few of my favorite arm candies and their sources. here are a few of my ultimate favorites right now... the pave bracelet by j. crew is just classic - brilliant bracelet design! bfrend's take on the friendship bracelet is just amazing with the swarovski crystals and elsa flower- genius! and what's my favorite from lauren élan collections? well, i can't decide between the capri cuff and briah. either way, she designs gorgeous jewelry that will make a statement!

the bottom picture is one of my takes on arm parties. i'm wearing a bulova watch, bracelets from h&m, and pearl bracelet gift from my husband. 

what's your favorite arm candies (because we can't just have one!) his season? thanks for visiting! xx

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