05 April 2012

love: boots and booties

photos from brantano, j. crew, and mine

it's spring and you're probably asking: why in the world is she still talking about boots? one word- okinawa. in a few months, we'll be moving to okinawa, and if you're familiar with the small friendly island, they get their fair share of not just rain, but typhoons! not that you'll see me walking around outside in the middle of a typhoon, but this woman will need some rain boots! j. crew has a really cute one, appropriately named "weatherby" that comes in red, but i'll probably opt for their navy blue or black...though i may surprise myself and go with a red one! i just like the pop of red in the middle of the dark colors above.

my favorite boots of all time are my fryes "melissa button" boots- the ones i'm wearing in the picture. i wore them practically every day while we were in ireland a year ago- here, here, and here! my other go-to booties were black, which remind me of the black ones above. i wore them here and here. i'm not very tall so i like to wear black booties with black tights/leggings or dark jeans so my legs aren't as defined. ha! the brown boots above can look great with jeans or shorts! if you like the brown and black boots, you can buy them from brantano. they have a great selection and some are even on sale so check out their website!

what's your favorite boots or booties? thanks for visiting!


  1. Of course, I follow you :) I love your style. I hope that you follow me..kisses^^


  2. Motorcycle boots are my ALLLL TIME fav' boots!!! Like I can never have enough! I love rain boots but always forget to wear them when it rains!LOL! FAbbb red boots babe! Happy easter weekend!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  3. all are gorgeous!\