31 March 2011

lovers in ireland/reign of love

i wore this on the latter part of our trip to ireland while traveling around the dingle peninsula. although most prefer the ring of kerry for the picturesque sea/cliff views, we opted for the less traveled dingle peninsula, which was also recommended by the locals and rick steves (our favorite european travel bible)! the peninsula did not disappoint as it had some of the most gorgeous scenery i have ever experienced. it was even more breathtaking and inspiring than i thought ireland would be. the photos do not even come close. AND we were just beyond lucky! except for a night in dublin when it was a bit rainy, we had the best weather- sunny, warm, and cool winds. 

for more photos of ireland click on the "travel" tab. xoxo

Dress: F21
Sweater Leggings: F21
Bordeaux Boots: Fryes
Hat: Target
Necklace: Boutique

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  1. Heidi, this is so awesome!! I'm so glad you finally started your own blog--I feel like I know a "celebrity" now! :-) These are beautiful pictures--love the outfit and the scenery! XOXO!!