02 April 2012

spring cleaning

pictures of in style magazine march 2012 issue

happy monday! spring calls to mind clean fresh air and a chance for renewal. for the first time in a long time, i'm cleaning out my closet and i mean REALLY cleaning out my closet and making it anew. we will be moving out of the country in a few months and it feels like the right time to update my wardrobe and purge items that i no longer use. i mean really, what's that saying? we only use 10% of the clothing we have in our closet?

"in style" magazine has great article in their march 2012 issue (jennifer aniston is on the cover). they discuss 6 steps to having a closet filled with your loves and inspirations by getting rid of items that probably no longer or have never seen the light of day. ha! here are the steps: 1. purge and organize. 2. evaluate. 3. get inspired. 4. make your list. 5. shop. 6. create your outfits. 

the article has inspired me to build up my closet by starting with my basic/classic favorites: stripes, blues, whites, browns, nudes with a few of my favorite stand out colors. my accessories and shoes have also been slimmed down. as a new mom, i had to really look at my closet and ask: which items do i love? which are functional? and which items would i not be able to part with? 

are you doing any spring cleaning? what's your strategy? xo

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