31 May 2012

travel thursday: venice

“the whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” – g. k. chesterton

it's said that once you travel, you catch the travel bug! that's what happened to me and my husband after our honeymoon. in fact, we were plagued by the bug!!! fast forward years later and many travel experiences later with a new baby, traveling has slowed down a bit...well, actually A LOT. but we definitely got traveling out of our system...for now. the urge to travel is still there, hibernating within us, but traveling will come with time. there is SO much more to see and experience! we can't wait for the adventures as we travel together as a family. we want to share with our daughter the joys of learning about other cultures and gaining a different perspective. and one day, we'll be able to travel just as a couple. it's essential to continuing a happy healthy relationship! 

so for now, i'll have to relive our travels through pictures and thought i'd share them with you. today, i'll start with venice...probably my favorite city...so far. :)
view from our hotel...
view from st. mark's campanile.
while walking at night, my husband wanted to take a picture here. 
one of the best surprises about venice is getting lost in the alleys/streets and discovering 
a quaint cafe by the water in a quieter area of the city.
we decided to take a gondola ride under the moonlit sky...yes, it was every bit as romantic 
as i imagined it to be. :)
one of my favorite views from the rialto bridge...there is something very special about cities with 
a river or body of water running through it, but venice takes it to a whole new level! 
from st.  mark's campanile...me wearing a j. crew tank. 
view from our ship...we took a meds cruise via princess cruise line.
what can i say, i'm a tourist. this pose is a must! :) from our hotel, we took a water taxi...a pretty 
posh taxi, which we shared two other people on our cruise because let me tell you, the sticker 
price was ridiculous with the exchange rate at that time.  but it was well worth the price to make
 sure we got to our ship in time to start our cruise. me with another j. crew outfit. 

i hope to make thursdays a "travel" day. 
happy thursday everyone! thanks for reading!


  1. Brings back some great memories! And yeah, I think we traveled at the most expensive time ever, haha! Well worth it for sure :-)

  2. U two are too cute together! Seems like a very lovely city and I agree, traveling together as a couple/family is funner :)

  3. How was the cruise Heidi? Josh and I hope to do one way later of course. Venice is so steeped in mystery I loved it. Great photos!

  4. i would love to travel! im so jealous!
    looks like a great time!

    i would love for you to come check out my blog as well I just posted a new outfit post!

    Figure of Chic

  5. Great quote. Venice looks beautiful. So lucky you get to experience it first hand.

  6. Beautiful pictures,
    thanks for the comment on my god! ..
    good weekend!

  7. Looks like an amazing trip. The sites are so lovely.

  8. That's look lovely place. My husband had trip w/co-worker in Venice . have a good friday sweety

  9. If these photos are anything to go by, you guys had a fabulous trip!! I so want to travel to Venice one day...sooner than later ;-)

  10. Oh my gosh. GORGEOUS pictures! I've never been to Europe and now I want to go even more!!

    Also, thanks for the tip on the gingham - I'll have to make an F21 visit this weekend :)

    xoxo, me

  11. Beautiful view! Love the window view!

  12. Amazing, beautiful pics. Thank you for stopping by. Would you like to follow each other? xxx
    Have a great weekend.

  13. venuce is beautiful :) i'll follow you, visit me *


    xx from Portugal!

  14. Your blog is so lovely <3 I love it :)

    Follow if you like it :)

  15. Venice is amazing isn't it?! It's one of my favourite citys too, it's almost impossible not to fall in love with it.
    It's true about the travel bug, there are so many places I'd love to visit

  16. I just found your blog and it is amazing.I will come again for sure :) If you want we could follow each other? Let me know on my blog if you would follow me and I will follow you immediately :) Have a great day honey :)

  17. amazing photos, the view are just breathtaking!

  18. look how happy you are! thats beautiful! x


  19. I have the travel bug too! This looks like an amazing trip! I really hope to go there some day soon.


  20. I am so jealous!! One of the many places I want to go to...one day :)

    Peace & Love,

  21. I like your blog, very pretty photos:)

  22. Oufff.... its in my bucket list! Almost went there,but have to skip since there was not enough time... envy!!!

  23. Amazing pictures!! I am so jelly, your view from you hotel is amazing. Looks like you're having a blast!!


  24. Love the pictures! Italy is on my MUST travel list! :)


  25. It´s so beautiful! I´d love to visit this place someday. Thanks for showing us a bit if Venice. :)

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